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Our Logo: The logo of the company is the Praying Mantis.

The Praying Mantis has been called "The God of the Hottentots of Africa," but in reality is one of the powerful images used by the San people - the original inhabitants of Southern Africa and the people responsible for the magnificent Rock Art found throughout the sub-continent. The Praying Mantis is the God of Creation who struck the uppermost branches of the Baobab Tree and thus caused the animals which today populate the earth to emerge from the roots.

Of all the indigenous peoples of Southern Africa, the San are at one with nature. They are the personification of the Spirit of the Wilderness, and the spirit of the wilderness is what you get to experience when on a tour with Touch Africa Safaris

Praying Mantis

History - The praying mantis is a symbol of God to the African an People, they believe it is a manifestation of God, and when they see one, they tried to discern its message.
Spirituality - The praying mantis is symbolic of spirituality. The word "mantis" is a Greek word that means "prophet," and is a reference to mystical or spiritual powers.
Meditation - The praying mantis relates to stillness, quiet, calm, patience and balance. It is noted that the mantis does not move until it is certain that the movement is an appropriate action. Because of this apparent deliberative quality, it has become a symbol for contemplation and meditation.
Direction - Turkish and Arabic cultures believed that the praying mantis points toward Mecca. It is also believed to assist in finding lost goats and sheep in Africa.

Touch Africa Safaris - Tour Operator South AfricaTouch Africa Safaris was formed in February 1991, by the current Managing Director, and we are a proudly South African company.

Touch Africa Safaris believes in providing a superior holiday travel service to local and international travellers, tourists and tour operators. We take pride in what we do and are not afraid to make recommendations – even unprofitable ones – in order to ensure that our clients get the best that this country has to offer. We offer a holistic service providing everything needed for a complete stay in South Africa.

As the dynamics of the travel industry changes, so does our business, ensuring that you the client are privy to the latest trends, and you benefit from these. Our itineraries are detailed, so that our clients fully understand what is included and excluded from the fee. We provide a guaranteed service, with favourable cancellation policies, indemnities and a detailed follow up service. In addition to this we provide traveller “peace of mind” with all the appropriate insurance for roadside medical assistance and emergency accommodation – in the event that something goes wrong whilst you are in South Africa.

With a staff compliment of highly experienced people all with a wealth of knowledge of this country – from its culture, people, history and its wildlife – we are confident that your travel experience with us will be informative, educational, varied, safe and most importantly fun!

Tour Operator, Johannesburg, South Africa Profile of Diederik

Some Comments from past clients:

Our group of four had a fabulous two-day safari experience in Pilanesberg during our visit to South Africa for the World Cup in June.  Our knowledgeable expert guide, Diederik van ‘t Hof, provided a wealth of information on the history, geography, geology and wildlife of southern Africa during our early morning drive from Johannesburg to the reserve.

Within the first hour we were viewing hunting lionesses thanks to Diederik’s experience and spotting ability.  Even he was excited to spot two rare black rhino out on the open plain during our first morning. We couldn’t help noticing a lot of cold and unsmiling tourists on the park’s open vehicles being driven around following set routes and time schedules. With Diederik we were able to be flexible and spend as much time as we wanted to view particular animals or birds. Patience was key and we never tired of seeing any wildlife as we came upon elephants, hippos and a male lion at close quarters. 

The overnight stop in a local lodge was very comfortable and interesting talk continued over dinner with Diederik about the social history of South Africa and how it is changing. An early start the next morning meant we were first into the reserve and spotting elephant and zebra as the sun rose. On the second day we found more animals not seen the day before- crocodile, steenbok, waterbuck and a troop of baboons. We also began taking more notice of the wonderful birdlife- spectacular giant and pied kingfishers, African hawk eagle, hornbills, egrets and herons plus the beautifully coloured crimson-breasted shrike and Cape glossy starling.

Diederik was great company throughout and dropped us back at our hotel after a memorable safari experience that certainly enabled us to Touch Africa.

Written by: Bob Pitt from the UK

Recently I went on a 5-day safari to Kruger National Park with Touch Africa Safaris. After a great experience with them almost a year ago, I didn’t even consider using anyone else.

Initial planning was done via email, with all questions and concerns being answered very quickly. The only small problem we encountered was when actually booking accommodation in the park. The dates we had chosen coincided with a South African public holiday, and as such, the park was almost fully booked out. Diederik tells me he was on the phone to his preferred camps literally every day, asking if there had been any cancelations. His persistence paid off, and we were able to get the camps he had recommended.

The whole trip was brilliant, and full of laughs. Our guide Diederik was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the park and its wildlife, as well as about South Africa in general. The camps he chose for us in the park were perfect, and we all appreciated his time spent on the phone. BBQ dinner at night was always something to look forward to. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give in this area is to say that a vegetarian member of our group decided to have some red meat one night, just because he saw us all enjoying it so much.

Our time game viewing in the park was amazing, we were very fortunate and saw so much.  As a hobby photographer, I was more demanding than most in terms of having the right vehicle, and finding the perfect spot in which to stop. Many photographers I have spoken with complain of guides who do not allow them the time or freedom to get the right shot. Diederik was only too happy to let us choose what we stopped for, and for how long. I am certain that some of the photos I now have on my wall would not have been possible with a less considerate operator.

 It may be a while before I make it back to South Africa, but when I do, I will most certainly be calling Touch Africa Safaris to organise the trip.

Written by: Brett Millican from Australia

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